Microsoft Teams

ProFile in Microsoft Teams

The Mevitco ProFile for Microsoft Teams is a solution that allows you to integrate your ProFile instance with Microsoft Teams. This allows you to send and receive files of unlimited size, configurable file-types in a secure and easy manner.

ProFile Demo

Please see the following video for a demonstration of the ProFile:


The ProFile for Microsoft Teams app provides the following features:

  • Send files to ProFile from Microsoft Teams
  • Receive files from ProFile in Microsoft Teams

App Security & compliance

The app is built with security in mind and is designed to be compliant with the Microsoft Teams app security and compliance requirements. Once the app is published, a link to the security and compliance documentation will be provided here.

To install Mevitco ProFile for Microsoft Teams you need the following:

  • A deployed ProFile instance and the URL to the ProFile instance
  • A Microsoft Teams account with the ability to install apps
    • The app manifest must be adjusted to allow the URL to the ProFile instance - please reach out to us to get the manifest adjusted

Once the app is added to the tenant, then the app can be added to a team:

  • Go to a Team in Microsoft Teams
  • Click on the “+” icon to add a new tab
  • Select “ProFile” from the list of available apps Add-ProFile.png

The app then asks for the URL to the ProFile instance and the user is then able to use the ProFile instance from within Microsoft Teams.


Please reach out to us in case you have any questions: Support