Because of security requirements of the Azure Marketplace, this solution is based on two offerings:

  1. Mevitco ProFile Container
  2. Mevitco Profile Runtime

Both components are required two host the ProFile application.

Provisioning of the container application

In the next few steps, a Azure Container Registry is deployed. This Container Registry will automatically contain the latest version of Mevitco Profile.

Please follow the steps:

  1. Get the Mevitco ProFile container image via the Azure Marketplace: Mevitco ProFile Container
  2. Click on ‘GET IT NOW’ (1): GET IT NOW
  3. In the dialog, click on continue (2): Continue
  4. In Azure Portal, fill out the dialog: Dialog
  • (3) The subscription you want to use
  • (4) The container registry. Either existing one or a new one. For a new one, there are Azure charges.
  • (5) A resource group were the container registry should be provisioned
  • (6) The azure region where you want to deploy the container registry
  • (7) The version of the solution, leave the default to latest
  • (8) Select auto-update to get the new versions automatically
  • (9) Click on subscribe
  1. The container registry and the image are now provisioned - open the container registry in Azure Portal Container Registry provisioned
  2. Click on ‘Access keys’ (9) Access Keys
  • Note the login server
  • Enable on ‘Admin user’ (10)
  • Note the username
  • Note the password

With this, the foundation of the solution is set: the container with the application logic is available in your subscription.

Next you need to provide the runtime environment. Currently there are two options available:

  1. Supported and operated by Mevitco
  2. ‘Self-hosted’, ‘self-operated’.

Supported and operated by Mevitco - Azure Managed Application

The offering is a Azure ‘Managed Application’. By choosing this offering, Mevitco will manage the application for you - in your subscription - supported by Mevitco engineers and therefore comes with additional cost.

Additionally, you will support the further development and maintenance of the application.

Offering: Mevitco Profile Standard
Azure SLA: 99.95% for Azure App Service, 99.99% for Azure Storage RA-GRS - compound SLA 99,94%

This is a single region deployment.

If you have questions or different requirements, please contact us.

Self-hosted & self-operated

The runtime can be deployed and operated by yourself - in this deployment mode you will get ‘best-effort’ support about questions and issues.

The features, components, and configuration are the same as in the Azure Managed Application.

Runtime Deployment

With the following button you can deploy the runtime into your Azure subscription.

  • Azure Web App (P1V2)
  • Azure Storage Account (hot, RA-GRS)
  • Pre-Configuration for the container solution

The parameters that you need to provide:

  • Subscription
  • Resource Group (new or existing)
  • Profile Name: the name of the website and the storage account. Must be globally unique. Please check [yourname] for availability before you deploy.
  • Region (Azure region to deploy both the Storage and the App Service)
  • Admin Password (required to access statistics and setup page)
  • Admin Email (required to show the statistics and setup page, requires authentication)
  • Azure Container Registry Login Server, e.g (noted above)
  • Azure Container Registry Username (noted above)
  • Azure Container Registry Password (noted above)

Deploy to Azure

Deployment takes roughly 30 seconds.

Please note: the deployment of this ARM template is attributed to Mevitco UG (haftungsbeschr√§nkt), see Customer Usage Attribution. In short: It’s good for the statistics.


The solution will be available at https://[Profile Name] - the first load will take approximately 1 minute.