Setup / Configuration

The central place to configure ProFile is accessible via the url /setup.

To access /setup you need to provide the Admin password that you provided during the deployment.

The setup page is divided into four sections:

  1. Authentication
  2. Email
  3. Standards
  4. Newsletter / Updates



If you want to use Azure Active Directory Authentication, please see the Authentication page.


If a user creates a link to receive files, he can get notified by email that files have been uploaded. For this Azure AD authentication must be enabled and email settings provided.


For standards a few parameters can be provided:

  1. Maximum File Size
  2. Delete Personal Identifiable Information (PII) from the system (e.g. email addresses) after X days
  3. Url to the logo file
  4. Url to the top logo file
  5. Url to the css file to customize branding
  6. Url to a folder where the localizations files are stored
  7. The languages that should be shown in the language selection
  8. The base url of the application
  9. The retention in days (comma separated)
  10. The allowed file extensions (comma separated)